How it's made

BENGglas in practice

In upgrading a monumental building in Arnhem, BENGglas fitted the facade entirely with tempered vacuum glass.

The contractor for the project – Achterberg Schilders – points out a number of important aspects of vacuum glass. He mentions the good insulation value (U=0.4), the manageability and the light weight of the glass. Installation of this glass is done in the same way as traditional insulation glass.

BENGglas in practice

What makes vacuum glass particularly suitable for the renovation market is that it is very thin. With a thickness from of only 6.3 mm, it almost always fits into existing window frames and does not need to be replaced.

Residents noticed a huge difference compared to traditional double glazing. The motive for switching to vacuum glass was the improved insulation value, but they are also very enthusiastic about the increased living comfort. They feel no 'draft' and noises from outside are muffled.

The entire project only took two days. Installation of the glass has been carried out by one of BENGglas Dutch partners.

The production process of BENGglas

The vacuum glass production line has a length of 400 meters and annually produces 120,000 square
meters of tempered vacuum insulating glass annually.


Glass cutting

The glass is automatically cut to size. The largest format that can be produced is 1,750 x 3,000 mm ( BENGglas PRO).


Edge processing / polishing

This is the process whereby the sharp edges are removed. This creates a beautifully smooth edge finish.


washing process

Before the glass can be further processed, it must be completely cleaned.


Drill holes

This is where the holes are drilled in the glass. These holes are necessary for vacuuming the glass at a later stage.



After the drilling of the glass, it can be decided – optionally – to have this glass printed. This is done in a clean room.



One of the most important steps in the production process of BENGglas is tempering the glass. Tempering glass makes it five times stronger than ordinary single or double glazing. In the event of glass breakage or impact, the glass will shatter into very small particles without sharp edges. BENGglas is the only tempered vacuum insulating glass in the world!


Vacuum process

Finally, the glass arrives in the vacuum process. Here, the glass is cleaned again, the spacers are added, the panels are joined, the edges are finished and all free air is removed. This finally creates a vacuum that is responsible for the extremely good insulation value (U=0.4).

Production of the distant sous vide

Our production process in two minutes