BENGglas vacuum glass has a wide variety of applications and solutions for the renovation market, new construction and industry. BENGglas has several partnerships with reputable names in the glass industry and offers solutions for ventilation, front windows and monumental glass.

Alle products

Ventilation grilles

Ventilation grilles allow moist, dirty air to be removed from the house and dry, clean air to enter. Ventilation grilles therefore play a crucial role in the total ventilation system and can be found in walls, doors and windows.

For 25 years Duco Ventilation and Sun Control has been a manufacturer of ventilation grilles for every building situation and offers a grille that is ideally suited for vacuum glass: the GlasMax ‘ZR’.

The GlasMax ‘ZR’ is a sound-absorbing ventilation grille with durable damping material. The suspension grille is suitable for applications in situations where there is a light noise load and is also suitable for high-rise buildings (up to 40 meters in height). The ventilation grille has four different air passages.

Monument glass

Monument glass is glass that has been “drawn” in a traditional way and has the appearance of old glass due to its irregular surface. Traditional monument glass has relatively low insulation values (approx. U=2.8).

BENGglas offers a solution here and can combine the modern insulation value (from U=0.40) with the monumental “drawn” appearance. Insulation without concessions!

Secondary windows

A secondary window is an extra window that can be placed in front of or behind the existing window. This is mainly used in cases where vacuum glass is not an option. This is the case in situations with stained glass or in cases where the glass panes are very small (< 300 x 300 mm). By working with a BENGglas secondary window, it is still possible to benefit from the very high insulation value of vacuum glass. is a well-known name in the field of secondary windows and is an official partner of BENGglas.


Our partners

BENGglas cooperates with a large number of reputable names in the glass industry.

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