Vacuum glass is a revolutionary step in the field of (glass) insulation. BENGglas is a type of vacuum glass and has additional advantages over regular vacuum glass.

Vacuum glass is extremely thin insulation glass in which two panels of glass are separated by a high vacuum space. This vacuum prevents heat and sound transmission and ensures a high insulation value and great sound attenuation. Microscopic spacers are inherent to vacuum glass and prevent the two glass plates from touching each other. BENGglas has several advantages over regular vacuum glass:

  • BENGglas can always be tempered (tempered glass is 5 times stronger, is injury safe and has no thermal break)
  • BENGglas has an U-value from 0.40 while regular vacuum glass has an U-value of 0.70
  • BENGglas has up to 6 times fewer and smaller spacers
  • BENGglas is significantly cheaper than regular vacuum glass

Comparison BENGglas

Single glass
You value
Thickness (from)
sound reduction
30 dB
36 dB

BENGglas – optical features

The BENGglas portfolio consists of four types of vacuum glass:

  • BENGglas BASIC
  • BENGglas
  • BENGglas PRO
  • BENGglas +

Each type has specific technical properties and optical features. As a result, almost any project can be provided with a suitable vacuum glass solution.

BENGglas types


BENGglas BASIC is the entry-level model of the BENGglas product range. This type has no vacuum cap and has a thin absorption strip.

The U value of BENGglas BASIC is 0.58 and therefore insulates better than regular vacuum glass.

  • U value 0.58
  • Fully tempered
  • Four times fewer spacers than ordinary vacuum glass
  • Economically the most advantageous option
BENGglas BASIC - vacuum glazing


The “ BENGglas ” type is equipped with a visible vacuum valve in the corner. There is also a small circle for absorption purposes. As a result, the sealing edge (10 mm) can be kept very slim and therefore disappears behind the glazing beads.

  • U value 0.40
  • Fully tempered
  • Six times fewer spacers than ordinary vacuum glass
  • The best insulating value in the world!
BENGglas - vacuum glazing

BENGglas Pro

The great advantage of BENGglas PRO is that this product is equipped with an invisible vacuum valve. Because the valve is concealed, the sealing edge (18 mm) is slightly wider than with the other types of BENGglas . Nevertheless, this edge often disappears completely behind the glazing beads. Absorption takes place by means of a small strip along the sealing edge.

  • U value 0.45
  • Fully tempered
  • Five fewer spacers than ordinary vacuum glass
  • Suitable for large window sizes: 1,800 x 3,000 mm
BENGglas PRO - vacuum glass

BENGglas +

BENGglas + is the ideal product for repetitive dimensions. It has no vacuum cap, a slim sealing edge, a low U-value and is also very competitively priced.

  • U value 0.45
  • Fully tempered
  • Six times fewer spacers than regular vacuum glass
  • Optically the most attractive variant

Only available in repetitive sizes (from 25m2 per size).

BENGglas + - vacuum glass

The four types of vacuum glass from BENGglas each have their own technical properties. These are set out in the table below.


Technical spec - BENGglas