A vacuum glass application for every market

BENGglas offers various product advantages, making it relevant applications in various markets. The thin profile of at least 8.15 makes it possible to almost always install BENGglas in existing window frames. This allows the authentic features of homes and buildings to be preserved, while also saving on the costs of new materials. This is especially beneficial for monumental buildings and in the renovation and restoration sector.

Due to its excellent insulation value, BENGglas is also very suitable for new construction projects. Compliance with the BENG standards can therefore be achieved more efficiently, resulting in possible cost savings on additional measures such as powerful heat pumps and solar panels.


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BENGglas _Vacuum insulating glass


BENGglas is a perfect product for the renovation market. Unlike traditional insulating glass, vacuum glass is extremely thin (8.15 mm). This allows BENGglas to be installed in existing window frames, saving on new window frames.

This also represents a major step in making existing homes more sustainable. Traditional insulating glass (U=2.80) or single glass (U=5.80) have a low insulation value. BENGglas , with a U-value of 0.40, will significantly improve the insulation value of existing homes!

BENGglas - New construction vacuum glass

New construction

BENGglas is excellently suited to design buildings according to the mandatory BENG (Nearly Energy Neutral Buildings) standard. The very low U-value (U=0.40) ensures extremely good insulation.

Noise reduction is nowadays also increasingly a wish, which can also be realized directly by the application of BENGglas (dB = 39).

With these values, all contemporary standards of sustainability and comfort are met.

With its product range, BENGglas focuses on both non-residential construction and residential construction.

Tempered vacuum insulating glass


Good insulation values, thin, low weight, sound-reducing and hardened are all good properties for various industries.

Industries in which BENGglas is widely used include the automotive industry, equipment construction (refrigerated display cases, wine refrigerators, refrigerators), machine construction, greenhouse construction, window frame construction and modular construction.