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Sun-resistant glass

BENGglas MAX 0.40 classifies as sun-resistant glass, but BENGglas also offers the option of applying additional sun-resistant coatings to further reduce the amount of sunlight and heat entering a building. This can save on energy bills and prevent glare from sunlight.

The ultimate solution for regulating heat and sunlight


Solar control glass is a solution designed to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat entering a building. This glass has a special coating that can reflect, absorb or filter sun rays, resulting in natural and efficient regulation of the indoor temperature.

This combination makes energy savings possible because there is less need for additional cooling. Moreover, this leads to reduced exposure to bright sunlight indoors, which provides extra work or living comfort.


Less heat transfer

Solar control glass reduces the amount of heat entering a building by reflecting, absorbing or filtering solar rays. This results in a cooler indoor climate, especially on hot days.


Energy saving

Because less heat is allowed through the glass, there is less need for air conditioning, resulting in lower energy costs.


Protection against UV radiation

Solar control glass reduces the amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching the interior, reducing discoloration of furniture, floors and curtains and extending their lifespan.


Enhanced privacy

Depending on the type of solar control glass, it can also increase the level of privacy in a building by making it more difficult to see in from the outside.


Aesthetic value

Solar control glass can contribute to the aesthetic appearance of a building by reducing reflections and creating a uniform appearance.


Reduced glare from sunlight

Solar control coatings reduce the intensity of light through windows, providing a more even and comfortable level of lighting. This prevents annoying glare during activities such as computer work or watching television.




Solar control glass can be used in various architectural applications and is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings . With its combination of functionality, durability and aesthetic properties, solar control glass is a smart choice for buildings that strive for energy efficiency and comfortable living and working environments . With solar control glass, building owners can not only improve the indoor climate, but also contribute to a greener future by reducing fossil fuel consumption and reducing the ecological footprint.


Sun-resistant glass with reflective coating

This type of solar control coating reflects sunlight, reducing heat transfer inside while maintaining visibility outside. Reflective coatings are applied to the outer window (position 1) and are often reflective.

Sun-resistant glass with a neutral coating

With this variant, the sun protection coating is placed in the cavity (position 2). The glass looks slightly darker in tint, but does not reflect. The light transmission remains strong, only the heat is limited so that it remains cool and comfortable inside.

Why BENGglas ?


  • BENGglas MAX 0.40 classifies as sun-resistant glass. You benefit from sun protection benefits without additional costs for coatings. Do you want a lower G-value than 0.39? Then an additional coating is required.
  • By far the best insulation value: 0.40
  • Optimal sound insulation: -36 dB / -39dB (layered)
  • Lightweight: 20 kg/m²
  • 15% natural light compared to triple glass
  • Expected lifespan of 50 years
  • Tempered safety glass without the risk of thermal breakage (injury-proof)
BENGglas - sun protection coating

A coating based on your needs

Solar control glass is available in various variants and strengths, where two important values ​​determine its effectiveness:

  1. LTA value (light penetration factor): this indicates how much light is transmitted through the insulating glass. A higher LTA value means that more natural light enters the room.
  2. ZTA value or the G-value (the sun penetration factor): this is the amount of heat that is transmitted through the glass. The higher the value, the more heat loss.

BENGglas works exclusively with sun protection coatings based on your needs. Optically the glass will be darker in tint and, if desired, reflective.



BENGglas renovation

Only with BENGglas you are assured of a 100% manufacturer's warranty! BENGglas
offers a warranty period that is longer than usual, namely 15 years instead of 10 years. The warranty covers 100% for the first 5 years, then decreasing pro rata. The warranty policy applies only to the replacement of the vacuum glass.

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What is the LTA value?

The LTA value represents the light entry factor. In other words, the extent to which light is guided through the insulating glass. The higher the value, the more light is let through.

Below you will find the LTA value per glass type:

  • Single glass: 90%
  • HR++ glass: 82%
  • Triple glass or HR +++: 74%
  • BENGglas : 70-78% (single or double coating)
What is the G or ZTA value?

The G value, or the ZTA value, represents the solar accession factor. In other words, the extent to which heat radiation is blocked. If you want to ensure that it gets less hot inside during the summer, it is best to opt for a double (D.80) coating. Do you want more heat in your home? Then it is best to opt for a single (S1.16) coating. The insulating glass with a double coating has a slightly darker color than with a single coating. The U-value is also lower with a double coating and it therefore insulates better.

Would you like less light in your home? Then a solar control coating on BENGglas offers a solution. This coating ensures that the sunlight is reflected, so that less light enters. In addition, a sun-resistant coating also has an insulating effect, keeping it cooler inside during hot summer days.