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Fire-resistant glass, without concessions on the insulation value!


By choosing BENGglas you enjoy safety without having to make concessions on the insulation value. A product can be put together according to your wishes based on the desired classification. Inquire about the possibilities via

Discover the benefits of fire-resistant BENGglas
Fire-resistant glass, such as BENGglas , is tempered glass with a special intermediate layer. This intermediate layer foams, which forms a temporary barrier for heat radiation and temperature against smoke and fire in the event of a fire. This makes it an indispensable element in buildings where fire safety is an absolute priority.
By BENGglas fire-resistant you benefit from numerous advantages, highlighted below.


BENGglas tempered/laminated may automatically be considered fire-resistant glazing per the following classifications: EW30, EW30+E15, EW60, EW60+EI15, EI30 and EI60 (Source: Ben Evers, 2021). EW class 30 or 60 indicates whether the fire resistance is 30 or 60 minutes. If you want to comply with a different classification, a composition with the appropriate intermediate layers can be drawn up as desired.

Fire safety

The most important advantage of fire-resistant glass is of course the improved fire safety it offers. This glass can limit the spread of fire, smoke and heat, saving valuable time for evacuation and the fire brigade to intervene. It can also help reduce property damage and save lives in emergency situations.


2 x longer lifespan: up to 50 years

Triple glazing is still mainly used for fire-resistant glass. However, the lifespan of BENGglas is twice as long. This saves on replacement costs as well as on the purchase of new material.


The best insulation value on the market: U=0.40

Compared to standard fire-resistant triple glass, BENGglas insulates almost twice better (U=0.40 compared to U=0.70). This means that it is no longer necessary to make concessions on the insulation value when safety is paramount.


Maximum sound insulation

Depending on the composition of fire-resistant glass BENGglas offers a noise reduction of as much as -36 dB with a profile of only 8.3 mm glass thickness or a noise reduction of as much as -39 dB when laminated (14 mm glass thickness), in relation to standard fire-resistant glass. glass (-33 dB) provides a quieter indoor environment.



Houses and apartments

To prevent the spread of fire or smoke

Industrial facilities

Particularly essential in warehouses with an increased fire risk

Public buildings

Hospitals, schools, theaters etc.

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