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Monumental glass


BENGglas now offers the opportunity to combine the original characteristics of the old “drawn” glass with an unparalleled U-value of 0.40. This combines the best of both worlds: maintaining authenticity and top-class insulation.

Both BENGglas MAX and BENGglas Extra Clear can be combined with a monumental counterpane. When extra clear glass with high light transmission is preferred, BENGglas Extra Clear offers the best solution.

BENGglas Extra Clear with monumental counter pane + The best insulation value: 0.50
+ Sun penetration factor (G): 0.68
+ Light transmission (LTA): 83
+ Maximum dimensions: 2,000 x 3,000 mm*
+ Minimum dimensions: 200 x 230 mm
+ Slim: from 13.06 mm
+ Sealing edge: 9 mm (on the longest side, on one side 14 mm incl. absorption strip)
+ Hardened as standard

*From April 2024 also available up to 2,440 x 4,200 mm.


Schott glas_Restover_Pulled monumental glass

About Monument Glass

Monument glass, also known as historic glass, is used in the restoration or renovation of historic buildings and monuments. Characteristic of monument glass is the wavy distortion, which originated from the drawn glass technique dating from the 19th and 20th centuries.

By using this monumental glass, the authentic appearance can be preserved and significant savings can be achieved on energy and maintenance costs.

U-value of monumental glass

The U-value of regular double monumental glass depends on the composition and construction of the total package, but varies between 1.5 and 5.6. However, by processing BENGglas


Why choose monumental glass?

Sustainability and energy efficiency are essential in today's world, but heritage conservation is equally important. That is why monument conservation may decide to protect certain monuments by imposing rules and guidelines that should protect the authentic appearance of a building or home. This often means that window frames should not be replaced. BENGglas offers a great solution here, as the glass is only 8.3 mm thick.

Nevertheless, specific requirements may be imposed on the finish of the glass, which must correspond to the original glass which shows slight distortions. Monumental Glass is then the ideal solution. However, the insulating capacity of monumental glass is limited (U: 1.5 – 5.6). To improve this, BENGglas offers the option of combining vacuum glass with a monumental counter pane. This way you benefit from the highest possible insulation value, while still complying with the regulations of historic preservation.

*Note: the rules and guidelines of monument care may differ per municipality and monument. Therefore, always consult the local historic preservation office for more detailed information.


Why choose BENGglas with monumental glass?

+ By far the best insulation value: 0.40 – 0.50
+ Extra clear glass (LTA): 83
+ Very quiet living: -36 dB
+ A direct investment in the home value and in improving the energy label
+ Very suitable for buildings with old wooden windows and steel frames due to thin
profile of only 13.06 mm
+ Lifespan of at least 25 years while retaining the U-value


The best insulation value on the market: 0.40/0.50

Optimal sound insulation for quiet living: -36 dB

Only 13 mm thick

+15% natural light compared to triple glass

BENGglas _lifespan

Expected lifespan of no less than 50 years

Tempered safety glass without the risk of thermal breakage (injury-proof)

Higher home value due to a better energy label

23 euros per m² subsidy available

Costs of monumental glass


Combining BENGglas with monumental glass entails additional costs, but the monument care industry is increasingly accepting BENGglas MAX and BENGglas Extra Clear, where the glass with counterpane does not fit in the frame. It is therefore advisable to always contact the monument care department first to request the exact requirements.


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BENGglas renovation


BENGglas offers a warranty period that is longer than usual, namely 15 years instead of 10 years. The warranty covers 100% for the first 5 years, then decreasing pro rata. The warranty policy applies only to the replacement of the vacuum glass.

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