BENGglas Extra Clear is extra clear vacuum glass! This allows more sun and light to pass through the windows without having to compromise on the insulation value (U=0.50). This makes BENGglas Extra Clear extremely suitable for buildings where extra light and sun are desired or for monumental buildings where the authentic glass tint of single glazing must be retained.

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Advantages of BENGglas Extra Clear

Invisible vacuum cap and slim sealing edge.

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From 2024: Large dimensions, ideal for new construction projects

The best insulation value on the market: 0.40

100% recyclable and free of metals

Up to 7x fewer spacers

Tempered safety glass without the risk of thermal breakage

For quiet living (-36 dB)

Natural light (LTA: 83%)


BENGglas Extra Clear offers all the benefits of BENGglas MAX, but is also extra clear! With a light transmission value of no less than 83% and a G-value of no less than 0.68, BENGglas Extra Clear is unique in the world of vacuum glass.

Curious about what BENGglas Extra Clear can do for you? Discover the possibilities in consultation with one of the BENGglas dealers.


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Due to the ultra-thin profile, BENGglas Extra Clear almost always fits into existing window frames and saves on new material. Because less material is needed to achieve powerful insulation, the product is also extremely lightweight. This means that in addition to the window frames, savings can also be made on new hinges and locks.

Combined with a slim sealing edge of only 9 mm (including absorption strips: 14 mm), BENGglas Extra Clear is ideal for monumental buildings where window frames must be preserved or for buildings where extra light or sun is desired.

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  • The clearest variant of vacuum glass available (LTA: 83%).
  • An unparalleled insulation value: 0.50.
  • Available glass thicknesses: 8.3 – 10.3 and 12.3 mm.
  • Tempered as standard, injury-resistant without thermal breakage.
  • Free from vacuum caps.
  • Slim sealing edge of only 9 mm (incl. strip: 14 mm).
  • Maximum dimensions: 2,000 x 3,000 mm.*
  • Minimum dimensions: 200 x 230 mm.
  • The larger the glass surface, the longer the absorption strip.
  • The absorption strip is always placed on the longest side.
  • With a glass surface of 2m² you have two strips; one of 200 mm and one of 100 mm. These strips are on the same side.
  • Also available including monumental counter pane.

2,440 x 4,200 mm
will be made available


BENGglas Extra Clear is the clearest type available within the BENGglas range. BENGglas Extra Clear can also be produced in a monumental version (+4 mm monumental counterpane and PVB). This gives the glass the look of historic glass, also called drawn glass. This makes this type ideal for the restoration and renovation market. By ordering directly through BENGglas , the exclusive distributor of LandVac in the Benelux, you also benefit from a guaranteed manufacturer's warranty of up to 15 years!

Everything about monumental glass


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The power of BENGglas lies in its unparalleled insulation performance packaged in an ultra-thin profile of only 8.3 mm thick. This makes the glass by far thinner and better insulating than any other type of insulating glass. This means that the glass even fits in single-glazed frames, where triple and HR++ glass cannot provide a solution without having to replace the entire frame.

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Single glass
HR++ glass
Triple glass
BENGglas Extra Clear
Insulation value
Noise reduction dB
Degradation insulation value


No degradation of the insulation value

Thanks to the advanced edge finish and polished edges, BENGglas Extra Clear maintains a stable vacuum for at least 25 years, unlike regular insulating glass where the U-value increases slowly. This allows you to achieve a long-term higher efficiency than with traditional insulating glass.


Save more from day one

With its unparalleled insulation value, BENGglas Extra Clear offers insulation that is 2 x better than double glazing (HR++), making significant energy savings possible from day one.


Higher home value due to a better energy label

By investing in BENGglas Extra Clear you immediately increase the value of your home or building by improving the energy label.

  • COST
How long does BENGglas Extra Clear last?

BENGglas Extra Clear has an expected lifespan of 50 years. The tested lifespan (through a lab test) is at least 25 years while maintaining the insulation value.

Compared to double glazing HR++ (20-25 years) or triple glazing HR+++ (30 years), where the U-value slowly decreases over the years, vacuum glass offers many advantages.

How do you guarantee a 25-year lifespan?

Conditions over a period of 25 years can be simulated using a lab test. After such a test, the U-value (insulation value) appeared to have been fully maintained. That is why BENGglas guarantees a lifespan of 25 years. The expected lifespan of vacuum glass is 50 years.

What is the warranty on BENGglas Extra Clear?

BENGglas Extra Clear stands for long-term reliability, with a solid 15-year warranty. This is considerably longer compared to traditional insulating glass, whose warranty is often limited to only 10 years.

Our warranty is transparent: we offer full coverage for the first 5 years. In the following 10 years, this decreases proportionately. The warranty only covers the redelivery of the high-quality vacuum glass.

Can I also make BENGglas Extra Clear burglar-resistant?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to make BENGglas Extra Clear burglar-resistant. This can be done with a tempered counter pane. The minimum glass thickness is therefore 13.06 – 16.06 or 19.06 mm depending on the window surface.

If layered with a tempered counter pane, you make BENGglas Extra Clear not only extra burglar-resistant, but also extra sound-absorbing (from -36 dB to -39 dB) and fall-proof.

Depending on the degree of protection, a different glass construction can be put together as desired.

The insulation value remains the same even after layering (U=0.50).


Is BENGglas Extra Clear injury-proof

The entire BENGglas range is fully tempered and therefore also BENGglas Extra Clear.

This is what also makes BENGglas unique, because the glass is already injury-proof as standard and 5 x stronger without any risk of thermal breakage, without any additional costs.

Is BENGglas Extra Clear suitable for roof glazing?

Absolutely, but only in a layered version as this is legally required. Making the glass fall-proof through layers entails a small additional cost per square meter. However, you immediately enjoy numerous additional benefits, including:

  • No degradation of the insulation value in slope angle
  • Savings on the roof construction due to the lightweight design
  • Additional noise reduction: from -36 dB to -39 dB
  • Since the glass is tempered as standard, no thermal breakage can occur

Unlike other insulating glass, with BENGglas there is no reduction in the insulation value in an angle of inclination. This makes BENGglas extremely suitable for roof glazing.



In what glass thicknesses can BENGglas Extra Clear be ordered?

BENGglas Extra Clear is available as standard in glass thicknesses 8.3 – 10.3 or 12.3 mm. Depending on the total pane surface, a minimum glass thickness is recommended:

  • 8.3 mm: < 3 m²
  • 10.3mm: 3 – 3.5 m²
  • 12.3 mm: > 3.5 m²

It is also possible to thicken or layer BENGglas Extra Clear.

If you layer the window with a tempered counterpane, BENGglas Extra Clear immediately becomes extra burglar-resistant, sound-resistant and fall-proof. This makes the minimum glass thickness 13.06 – 16.06 or 19.06 mm. If desired, this can be deviated from upon request (by using additional burglary-resistant or fire-resistant foils).

If you want to thicken the window (for example to install it in an existing double or triple glazing frame, an extra cavity including counter window can be placed behind the standard 8.3-10.3 or 12.3 mm glass package. The cavity options are 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 or 20 millimeters thick with a counter pane of 4, 5 or 6 millimeters (depending on the basic construction).

The U-value (insulation value) of the vacuum insulating glass remains the same even after this thickening or layering.


Can I also coat BENGglas Extra Clear?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to coat BENGglas Extra Clear. This can be done with a tempered counter pane or with a monumental counter pane. The minimum glass thickness is therefore 13.06 – 16.06 or 19.06 mm depending on the window surface.

If layered with a tempered counter pane, you make BENGglas Extra Clear extra burglar-resistant, sound-resistant and fall-proof.

Layering with a monumental counterpane is not recommended. BENGglas extra Clear is made of extra clear filtered glass. Not the monumental counter window. As a result, you may lose valuable properties of the glass.

The insulation value remains the same even after layering (U=0.50).


Does this insulating glass fit in window frames with double or triple glazing?

Yes absolutely. It is possible to thicken BENGglas Clear.

This makes BENGglas Extra Clear suitable for every frame. Even where double glazing or triple glazing has been installed.

In this case, an extra cavity including counter pane is placed behind the standard 8.3-10.3 or 12.3 mm glass package. The cavity options are 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 or 20 millimeters thick with a counter pane of 4, 5 or 6 millimeters (depending on the basic construction).

The insulation value remains the same even after thickening (U=0.50).


What is the delivery time for this glass?

The delivery time for BENGglas Extra Clear is currently approximately 12-14 working weeks.

How much does BENGglas Extra Clear cost?

As of April 1, BENGglas has implemented a permanent price reduction.

The new recommended price for BENGglas Extra Clear (excluding VAT, transport, installation and finishing) is therefore 295 – 305 euros per square meter, depending on the glass thickness.

Please note: this is a starting retail price and therefore only reflects the costs for the glass.

How can I order BENGglas Extra Clear?

Do you want a total solution including installation and finishing?
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They have product samples and can provide you with thorough product information.

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