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Is single glazing a defect?

Yes. The court in Amsterdam has decided that single glazing in rental properties may be regarded as a defect. This decision could have significant consequences for at least one million homes in the Netherlands, and specifically for the owners of these homes. The lawsuit was filed by a resident of a monumental building, and as a result double glazing must be installed within four months or the rent must be reduced (Source: Telegraaf, 2024).

However, BENGglas fits into existing window frames, even where single glazing has been installed. This means that single glazing can easily be replaced by insulating glass, which insulates twice as well as triple glazing. This means that BENGglas offers the ideal solution for landlords who wish to resolve such defects without having to replace window frames.


What is the advantage of tempered glass?

BENGglas is the only vacuum glass in the world that is fully tempered. The advantages of this are that it is 5 x stronger than (ordinary) untempered glass, there is no chance of thermal breakage and it is injury-proof.

Are ventilation grilles available for vacuum glass?

Yes, the Duco company has a suitable type: the GlasVent ZR AK (+). More information can be found here .

How do I get a quote (private)?

Under the heading "dealers " you will find an overview of all BENGglas dealers in your area. After you have approached one of these dealers, the dealer will come to you and provide you with a quote. This quote includes the glass and the required installation. Any necessary finishes, such as painting, can also be included. This way, a total solution is always offered.

All BENGglas dealers have BENGglas sample windows, so you can make an informed decision. It is also possible to visit the BENGglas appointment

Is there no dealer near you?
Then ask your local glazier to contact BENGglas via

Are you an architect, project developer or otherwise professionally active in the real estate renovation market?

Would you like to receive more in-depth technical information, a project price (indication) or samples? Please contact us by telephone on 013-5342226 or send an email to . We would be happy to drop by or plan a visit to our showroom in Goirle.

How long does BENGglas last?

BENGglas lasts longer than traditional insulating glass and maintains its U-value stable throughout its lifespan. Where the insulation value of traditional insulating glass increases after a few years.
The tested lifespan of vacuum glass is at least 25 years (while maintaining its insulation value). The expected lifespan is 50 years and the warranty on BENGglas is 15 years.

This warranty period is no less than 5 years higher than what is common within the glass industry.

Why choose BENGglas ?

Compared to traditional forms of insulating glass, BENGglas In fact, BENGglas offers, with its U-value (insulation value) of 0.40, the best insulating glass in the world.
And this investment is immediately reflected in the improvement of the energy label of your home. With this you immediately benefit from an increase in the value of your home!

BENGglas is the only brand that supplies its insulating glass with tempered glass as standard and is very competitively priced compared to regular vacuum glass. Moreover, BENGglas has fewer and smaller spacers than other brands of vacuum glass.

How do you guarantee the service life of 25 years?

Conditions over a period of 25 years can be simulated using a lab test. After such a test, the U-value (insulation value) appeared to have been fully maintained. That is why BENGglas guarantees a lifespan of 25 years. The expected lifespan of vacuum glass is 50 years.

What is the noise reduction?

The sound reduction of BENGglas is 36 dB. In a layered variant, this increases to 39 dB.

What thicknesses are available?

BENGglas vacuum glass starts with a thickness of 8.15 mm, increasing to 12.3 mm in total. Further thickening with insulating glass is possible. Each type of BENGglas is available in the following thicknesses:

  • 8.15-8.3mm
  • 10.15-10.3mm
  • 12.15 – 12.3mm

Depending on the size of the panel, it may be recommended to order your vacuum glass from BENGglas in a slightly thicker version. There is only an additional charge for vacuum glass with a thickness of 12.3 mm or more.

The following glass thicknesses should be applied based on the total surface area of ​​a single pane:

  • 8.15 – 8.3 mm: < 3 m²
  • 10.15 – 10.3 mm: 3 – 3.5 m²
  • 12.15 – 12.3 mm: > 3.5 m²

This prevents possible bends in the glass. This is why it is important to follow the above rule.

Below are the minimum thicknesses per type of BENGglas :

  • BENGglas Extra Clear: 8.3 mm
  • BENGglas MAX: 8.3 mm
  • BENGglas BASIC: 8.15 mm (tempered from 10.15 mm)
  • BENGglas +: 8.3 mm
  • BENGglas Solar Control: 8.3 mm

If you want to make BENGglas BASIC in a tempered version, the minimum thickness is 10.15 mm. Type BENGglas +, BENGglas MAX, BENGglas Solar Control and type BENGglas Extra Clear are tempered as standard.


Can BENGglas also be thickened?

BENGglas vacuum glass can be thickened to the desired glass thickness. An additional cavity including a counter pane is then placed behind the BENGglas . The cavity options are 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 or 20 millimeters thick with a counter pane of 4 or 5 millimeters. The U-value (insulation value) of the vacuum insulating glass remains the same even after this thickening.

Is BENGglas possible in a layered or drawn version?

The vacuum insulating glass from BENGglas can be manufactured in a layered or drawn variant. BENGglas laminated is often used in roof glazing for extra burglary protection and sound insulation (noise reduction = 39 dB).

What are the possibilities in coatings?

Type BENGglas BASIC can only be ordered with a single coating. With type BENGglas MAX you have the choice of a single or double coating. These coatings influence the U-value (insulation value), LTA% value (light penetration factor) and the G-value (sun penetration factor). With a double coating these values ​​are lower than with a single coating. This means that with a double coating you achieve better insulation value and sun protection. However, the glass often looks a bit darker in tint. Always contact a dealer to view the product samples before purchasing. You are also always welcome to take a look at our showroom in Goirle.


How do I install BENGglas ?

The vacuum insulating glass from BENGglas is easy to install, comparable to installing HR++ glass. Since the coatings are applied on one side, the tactile part of the vacuum cap ( BENGglas , BENGglas +) or the absorption strip ( BENGglas BASIC, BENGglas MAX) must be mounted on the inside.

For more information, download the installation instructions and user manual.

Looking for another language? Consult all documents here on our website.

Which kit do you recommend?

The sealant must be free of plasticizers and linseed oil. Work must be done on a clean, dust and grease-free painted surface. Follow the instructions of the relevant kit manufacturer.

Recommended and approved sealants for BENGglas are:

Or other low-acid sealant.

Can shaped windows also be supplied?

The vacuum insulating glass from BENGglas can be supplied in shaped panes. However, not all shapes are possible (think of circles, for example) and the options differ per type of BENGglas .

For more information you can easily this overview or request one via .

With larger volumes, more is often possible than the overview shows. You can keep the overview for a small number of diamonds in a relevant shape.

A surcharge of 50% is charged as standard for shaped windows.




Can BENGglas be used in all types of frames?

Yes. BENGglas fits perfectly in old window frames because it is so thin. But the vacuum glass from BENGglas is also an excellent product for new construction with wooden, plastic or aluminum frames.

BENGglas can be ordered in a minimum glass thickness of 8.3 mm.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes?

The smallest size BENGglas is 200 x 230 mm. Smaller is possible provided that 1 side is larger than 300 mm on type BENGglas BASIC .

The largest vacuum glass format available is 1,650 x 1,800 mm. From 2024, BENGglas MAX can also be ordered in dimensions 2,440 x 4,200 mm.

The larger the glass surface, the thicker the glass structure will be. The following glass thicknesses should be applied based on the total surface area of ​​a single pane:

  • 8.15 – 8.3 mm: < 1.8 m²
  • 10.15- 10.3 mm: 1.8 m² – 2.7 m²
  • 12.15 – 12.3 mm: > 2.7 m²
What types are available?

In addition to the standard version, there are options for extra clear, extra sun-resistant, frosted glass and laminated tempered vacuum glass. A dirt-repellent coating can also be applied as an option.

Vacuum valve in sight?

BENGglas has 4 types of vacuum glass in its range: BENGglas BASIC, BENGglas , BENGglas MAX and BENGglas +. BENGglas and BENGglas + have a cap in the bottom corner. BENGglas BASIC and BENGglas MAX do not have this.

Does BENGglas also install?

BENGglas is an agent and importer of BENGglas . This means that BENGglas is only a supplier of vacuum glass and does not measure or install your glass. BENGglas has an extensive network of more than 150 dealers in Europe who offer a total solution. You can find this on our website www. bengglas .nl/dealers .

Can I become a dealer?

BENGglas is happy to welcome dealers! BENGglas does, however, impose a number of conditions on a dealership. BENGglas also wants to protect its dealers by not taking on too many parties in one region. You are therefore kindly requested to first express your interest by sending an email to .

BENGglas and renovation?

Because the tempered vacuum glass is so thin (from 8.15 mm), it is an excellent product for renovation. You use your old window frames and only need to exchange the old glass for BENGglas . This way you can provide your (monumental) building with extremely good insulating glass.

What is the delivery time of BENGglas ?

The delivery time for vacuum glass is approximately 12 working weeks for type BENGglas (MAX). For BENGglas BASIC a delivery time of approximately 14 working weeks applies.

Do you want monumental glass? Then take into account + 3 weeks.

BENGglas fire resistant?

The vacuum glass from BENGglas can be fitted with a fire-resistant counter pane for an additional charge.
This means that BENGglas the following classifications:

  • EW30
  • EW30+EI15
  • EW60
  • EW60+EI15
  • EI30
  • EI60

Interested? Contact to discuss the options and rates.


Are there heavy metals in BENGglas ?

No, BENGglas has been tested for heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium-6, polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and does not contain them .

Why is BENGglas a smart investment?

The vacuum insulating glass from BENGglas has by far the best insulation value on the market, meaning you will recoup your investment many times faster than if you opt for double glazing (HR++), triple glazing or other vacuum glass.

Thanks to this insulation value, you also enjoy a better energy label, which directly leads to an increase in the value of your home or building. Below are a number of examples why BENGglas is not expensive:

Why BENGglas is a smart investment:

  • Long Service Life: more than 25 years.
    At least 2x longer than traditional insulating glass.
    BENGglas not only offers a long service life of more than 25 years, but it is also considerably more durable than traditional insulating glass. Due to the advanced technology and materials used in the production of BENGglas , homeowners can enjoy long-term energy savings and reduced energy costs over the life of the glass.
  • BENGglas is ultra-thin and fits in the existing frames.
    This means that homeowners do not have to incur additional costs for replacing their windows when installing BENGglas .
  • Higher home value through better energy label.
    In addition to the energy savings and lower energy costs, BENGglas also contributes to an increased home value by improving the energy label of your home. This makes your home more attractive to potential buyers and can increase the value of your home. You put the investment in the glass directly into the value of your home or building.
  • Save on additional insulation measures .
    Due to the insulating properties of BENGglas , it is often not necessary to take additional measures, such as installing different insulation material or adjusting the heating system. This not only saves costs in the short term, but also in maintenance costs in the long term.
  • Save more from day 1
    BENGglas Insulates 3x better than HR++ and 2x better than triple glass. This way you will save significantly more on your energy bill from day one.
  • No degradation of insulation value
    BENGglas retains its insulation value throughout the glass's lifespan. This means that you will not suffer from degradation and can therefore always enjoy optimum insulation. HR++ and triple glass, on the other hand, lose their insulation value over time. At BENGglas this remains stable for at least 25 years.
What is the U value?

The U-value indicates the thermal insulation value of a product (in this case vacuum glass). The lower the U-value of a product, the better this product insulates. BENGglas has the lowest U-value in the world of all types of insulating glass (U=0.4) and therefore offers the best thermal insulation.

Below you will find an overview of the average U-values ​​per glass type:

  • BENGglas MAX: 0.40 – 0.50
  • BENGglas Solar Control: 0.40
  • BENGglas +: 0.45-0.55
  • BENGglas BASIC: 0.58
  • Triple glass or HR +++: 0.7 / 0.8
  • Double glazing HR++ glass: 1.1
  • Double glazing (Thermopane): 2.8
  • Single glass: 5.8
What is the U-value per type of glass?

Several factors determine the U-value for each type of glass, including the coatings, filling (vacuum, gas or air) or the cavity widths. Below you will find an overview of the average U-values ​​per glass type:

  • BENGglas MAX: 0.40 – 0.50
  • BENGglas Solar Control: 0.40
  • BENGglas +: 0.45 – 0.55
  • BENGglas BASIC: 0.58
  • Triple glass or HR +++: 0.7 / 0.8
  • Double glazing HR++ glass: 1.1
  • Double glazing (Thermopane): 2.8
  • Single glass: 5.8
What is the noise reduction value?

The noise reduction value is dB=36. Regular sound-reducing glass is very thick and therefore does not fit in every type of frame. If you are looking for soundproof glass and it must also be thin, then there is only 1 possible solution and that is vacuum glass.

What is Injury Safe?

BENGglas vacuum glass is always tempered and therefore injury-safe. With injury-resistant glass, only small pieces of glass will fall down in the event of breakage, which cannot cause serious injury. In addition, this allows the glass to be placed up to the ground.

What is the PSI value?

This value represents the heat loss at the transition from the structural parts in which the glass is incorporated to the outside of a building. Consider your window frame, for example. This value is displayed per running meter at a temperature difference between inside and outside of 1 °K. The lower the PSI value, the less the heat loss.

  • Aluminum frame with BENGglas hybrid: 0.035 – 0.04
  • Wooden frame with BENGglas : 0.05 -0.09
  • Aluminum frame with BENGglas : 0.09
What is the PSI value of BENGglas ?

Below you will find the PSI values ​​including BENGglas per type of frame.
The lower the PSI value, the less the heat loss.

  • Aluminum frame with BENGglas hybrid: 0.035 – 0.04
  • Wooden frame with BENGglas : 0.05 -0.09
  • Aluminum frame with BENGglas : 0.09
What is the LTA value?

The LTA value represents the light entry factor. In other words, the extent to which light is guided through the insulating glass. The higher the value, the more light is let through.

Below you will find the LTA value per glass type:

  • Single glass: 90%
  • HR++ glass: 82%
  • Triple glass or HR +++: 74%
  • BENGglas : 70-78% (single or double coating)
What is the G or ZTA value?

The G-value, or the ZTA value, indicates the sun penetration factor. In other words, the extent to which heat radiation is blocked. If you want to ensure that it becomes less warm inside during the summer, it is best to opt for a double coating. Do you want more warmth in your home? Then it is best to opt for a single coating. The insulating glass with a double coating turns slightly darker than with a single coating. The U-value with a double coating is also lower and therefore insulates better.

Do you want less light in your home? Then a sun protection coating on BENGglas offers a solution. This coating ensures that sunlight is reflected, allowing less light to enter. In addition, a sun protection coating also has an insulating effect, keeping it cooler inside during hot summer days.

What is the warranty period?

BENGglas has a warranty period of 15 years, a tested lifespan of 25 years and an expected lifespan of 50 years. As an example; Traditional insulating glass offers a term of only 10 years.
The warranty covers 100% for the first 5 years. The following 10 years will decrease proportionately. The warranty only concerns the redelivery of the vacuum glass.


How do I claim a warranty?

BENGglas is produced with the utmost care. However, it can sometimes happen that a window is leaking or has another defect. In order to make a claim under any warranty, we need the following information:

Company name and contact person
Order number
Dimension(s) of defective window
Defect description
Overview photo of complete window with defect, preferably from the inside
Detail photo of defect, preferably from the inside

Warranty requests can be sent to with the subject “Warranty claim [order number]. Requests without the above information cannot be processed.