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Laminated Glass


BENGglas offers the option of layering the glass, or to also make the vacuum glass burglar-resistant and fall-proof. This makes the glass ideal for roof glazing, glazing for high buildings and to prevent burglary.

Discover the benefits of laminated BENGglas : safety and maximum insulation
. Laminated glass, also known as safety glass, is composed of multiple layers of glass that are connected by a transparent and sturdy intermediate layer, usually made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). . This intermediate layer ensures that the glass sticks together, improving safety and sound insulation. Below are some of the key benefits of laminated glass:

Fall-proof glass


Laminated glass is designed to withstand impact. In the event of breakage, the glass shards stick to the interlayer, reducing or preventing injury. This makes laminated glass an ideal choice for situations where fall through is a real risk.


Burglary prevention

The strong bond between the layers of glass makes it difficult for intruders to quickly gain access to a building. Laminated glass acts as an effective barrier, making it a valuable addition to home and business security.


Sound insulation

The laminated glass intermediate layer acts as an additional sound-absorbing barrier. If BENGglas is made in a laminated version, the noise from outside is reduced by -39 dB. This is especially beneficial in busy (urban) areas.


UV radiation protection

Laminated glass provides protection against harmful UV rays. This protects the interior of a building against discoloration and damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.


Fire resistance

Laminated glass, including an additional fire-resistant foil, provides an extra layer of protection against fire. This slows the spread of fire and gives people more time to safely leave a building.




Laminated glass is the ideal choice for various applications. Below we explain a few relevant applications:

Roof glazing

BENGglas is ideal for roof glazing, where safety is a priority.

Balustrades and stair railings

Combine safety with a modern look. BENGglas prevents serious injuries.


Prevent burglary attempts at commercial buildings and business premises with BENGglas .

Walkable glass

For modern interiors and a feeling of extra space and light with BENGglas .

Sound insulation

39 dB sound insulation in busy (urban) areas with BENGglas .


For maximum protection in government buildings or secure facilities.

Fire resistant

Laminated glass in combination with extra fire-resistant foils ensure a longer evacuation time

Receive tailor-made glass constructions for every level of protection at BENGglas


Whether you are looking for fire-resistant, burglar-resistant, fall-proof or even bullet-resistant glass, BENGglas is happy to provide advice on the required glass construction.

Discover the compositions of laminated glass: safety and functionality

When layering with BENGglas an extra 4.5 or 6 mm counter pane is placed behind the vacuum glass package. These layers are firmly glued with two transparent EVA foils.

This construction not only offers direct protection against burglaries, but also ensures fall protection. In addition, the glass is automatically suitable for roof glazing and the sound insulation is increased to 39 dB.

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