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BENGglas is the exclusive distributor of LandVac in the Benelux, the most innovative production company worldwide in the field of vacuum glass. Through this partnership you benefit from many advantages at BENGglas !


+ Guaranteed manufacturer's warranty
+ Directly at the source, always the best price
+ First access to the latest developments
+ Fully certified

LandVac is the leading global brand for vacuum glass, developed by LandGlass. Driven to transform insulating glass, the company offers the most advanced vacuum insulated glass in the industry. Based on LandVac's excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, condensation resistance and other features, LandGlass has introduced several innovations to the market.

Internationally renowned
LandVac has received quality and performance certifications from many domestic and foreign authoritative bodies and is widely recognized by users worldwide. LandVac's growing applications not only make the living environment of millions of families more comfortable and healthier, but also make a major contribution to achieving the national “Dual Carbon” goal.

Why Landvac vacuum glass

LandVac vacuum glass distinguishes itself by offering the best performing vacuum glass in its class, with an insulation value of 0.40 as a unique feature. This insulation value is unparalleled in the world of vacuum glass. For example, the insulation value of other brands of vacuum glass is between 0.58 and 0.70. But also compared to triple glazing, which is 3 times thicker, LandVac offers up to 75% better insulation, which not only saves material but also space. The combination of superior insulation, reduced material use and applicability in thin cavities/frames makes LandVac vacuum glass extremely durable and environmentally friendly.



BENGglas MAX & BENGglas Extra Clear

By purchasing products through BENGglas in the Benelux, you benefit from the highest quality LandVac products and a warranty period of no less than 15 years.


BENGglas MAX is characterized by the best insulation value available on the market (U=0.40) and is also tempered. This combination is unique in the vacuum glass market, which makes LandVac's technology so unique.

About BENGglas MAX

BENGglas Extra Clear

All the benefits of BENGglas MAX and extra clear!
The combination of the unparalleled U-value of 0.50 with the achieved light transmission value is unique in the vacuum glass market. Here too, LandVac clearly shows that it is the star player in the field of vacuum insulating glass.

About BENGglas Extra Clear

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