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BENGglas subsidy

You can benefit from attractive subsidies for making your home or building more sustainable with BENGglas . Private individuals and business users can use the investment subsidy for sustainable energy and energy savings (ISDE) and business customers can use the energy investment deduction (EIA). Find out what requirements you have to comply with, where you can get more advice and which reporting codes you can use for this.


Subsidy amount & ISDE reporting codes

ISDE subsidy is available on BENGglas This amounts to 23 euros per m² and can be requested with reporting code KA18780 . If you also replace the window frames, you can use reporting code KA19317 . You are then eligible for a subsidy of 65.50 euros per m² . If you take two insulating measures, the above amounts double. Every type of BENGglas uses the same reporting code and can be found under the brand name "BENGproducts".


Reporting code ISDE

Have you installed a measure? apply for a subsidy via the rvo . For each measure taken, the following information must be clearly stated:

  • An invoice including reporting code, contact details of installation company, purchase & installation date, product type and brand.
  • The number of square meters that have been added, with the exception of the square meters used for any extensions.
  • Photos of the installation.
  • Payment receipt

Submit the subsidy application within 24 months.
Can't figure it out? Then chat with an advisor via or call 088-0424747.

This video explains how to apply for this subsidy.

EIA - business customers

As an entrepreneur, do you invest at least 2,500 euros in sustainability? Then you are eligible for the energy investment deduction (EIA), which can amount to 300 euros per m².

apply via the eLoket
within 3 months after installation. Clear instructions including a clear step-by-step plan can be found here.

EIA 2023

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