Vacuum insulating glass new-build office

BENG standards consistent with BENGglas !

This office building is fully equipped with vacuum glass of the BENGglas (U=0.40). Vacuum glass offers several unique advantages for new construction:

  • With an insulation value of U=0.40, this vacuum glass offers a smart way to complete your NZEB calculation faster.
  • Reduce the energy needs of your building and save on the size of your heat pump or the number of solar panels required.
  • Benefit from an optimal service life! BENGglas has a tested lifespan of 25 years and an expected lifespan of no less than 50 years.
  • Work with lighter hinges and locks, which also saves you on material costs.
  • BENGglas is eligible for the energy investment deduction (EIA). This can get you back up to 300 euros per m².

Curious about what BENGglas can do for your BENG standards? Discover the benefits and ask one of the BENGglas dealers for a no-obligation quote!


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