Painting company Hoskens - BENGglas BASIC 0.58 (6)

Type BENGglas BASIC to make a private home more sustainable

By working together with Schildersbedrijf Hoskens, another house has been made more sustainable with the vacuum glass of BENGglas .

Due to the vacuum in BENGglas , the sound and thermal transmission is reduced to a minimum. As a result, residents now benefit from:

  • an excellent insulation value: almost twice as good as HR++ glass (U = 1.10).
  • preserving the authentic features of the house : BENGglas BASIC is very thin and light. This means that you do not have to invest in new frames.
  • a calm and quiet indoor environment : due to the improved sound insulation of -36dB.
  • 15% more natural light compared to triple glazing.

For this reason, BENGglas BASIC is a sensible choice for making your home more sustainable.
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