Vacuum insulating glass surface division

Making the home more sustainable BENGglas BASIC in Roeden


Together with Schildersbedrijf Hoskens, this house has taken a big step towards almost energy-neutral. The existing glass in the house has been replaced with BENGglas BASIC, a high-quality vacuum glass with a U-value of 0.58.

The insulation value of glass is measured by its U-value, with a lower U-value indicating better thermal insulation. The previous glass had a U-value of 5.8, while the new vacuum glass has a U-value of only 0.58. An improvement of factor 10!

A nice detail is that the use of adhesive rods has been chosen here. The use of adhesive bars has several advantages. For example, it insulates better (after all, limited 'edge loss') and it is considerably cheaper. By finishing these sticking rods with putty, there is hardly any visual difference with the original situation.

Curious about what sustainability with BENGglas can do for you? Discover the benefits and request a quote directly from one of the BENGglas dealers .


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