Vacuum glass - BENGglas

Sustainability with BENGglas BASIC


In collaboration with Schildersbedrijf Donker, another beautiful home has been made more sustainable in Meppel by using vacuum insulating glass from BENGglas !

The old single glazing - with a U-value of 5.8 - has been replaced here by BENGglas BASIC with a U-value of 0.58. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation. The windows have improved their insulation by a factor of 10!

Curious about what sustainability with BENGglas can do for you? Discover the benefits and request a quote directly from one of the BENGglas dealers .




“A little more about the BENGglas : the noise reduction of the street is miraculous. Of course the upper windows (no BENGglas ) are less, and then that is an even stronger effect of the BENGglas ”

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