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Sustainability with BENGglas !

In collaboration with Achterberg Schilders BV, BENGglas has recently been able to make a residential house in Ede more sustainable.

Here the old single glazing (U=5.8) has been replaced by BENGglas with a U-value of no less than 0.40. This makes the house a huge step towards 'almost energy neutral'.

The big advantage is that the vacuum glass from BENGglas fitted perfectly into the old window frames; this meant there was no need to replace it.

Curious about what sustainability with BENGglas can do for you? Discover the benefits and request a quote directly from one of the BENGglas dealers .



“In my house from 1930 I still had the original single glazing on the 1st floor. I always postponed insulating glass because the wooden frames and windows were relatively light and thin. The BENGglas is only 8 mm. and therefore fits perfectly. You don't actually see a difference.

The greater the difference in comfort and insulation. My gas consumption has dropped enormously. The windows no longer fog up on the inside during the winter months and the climate in the house has become much more comfortable.”

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