Vacuum glass insulation

Making the Aerdenhout house more sustainable

In collaboration with Van Dam Glas & Montage, the insulation of this house in the municipality of Bloemendaal has been given a significant upgrade.

The outdated double glazing, also known as thermopane glass, has been completely replaced by high-quality vacuum glass from the BENGglas . The result is an impressive improvement in the insulation value (U-value), where the old insulating glass had a value of 2.9. Thanks to the use of BENGglas , specifically the ' BENGglas ' type, the U-value of the glass has dropped to a remarkable 0.40. This has not only led to an improvement in the energy label of the home, but will also allow residents to save significantly on their gas bill.

BENGglas with a thickness of 8.3 mm, with a double low-E coating, was chosen for this project This coating contributes to the insulation value of the glass and also offers excellent sun protection properties.

Curious about what sustainability with BENGglas can do for you? Discover the benefits and request a quote directly from one of the BENGglas dealers .


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