Fits into existing window frames. Benefit
from a noise reduction of no less than 36 dB!

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Advantages BENGglas

Best insulation value (from U=0.40). Guaranteed manufacturer's warranty.

Fits in any frame (thin and light)

Fully tempered: 5x stronger, injury-proof without the risk of thermal breakage

Quiet living (noise reduction: 36 dB)

BENGglas _lifespan

15 year warranty & minimum lifespan of 25 years

Many options: higher LTA, shaped diamonds, laminated, etc.

Up to 7x fewer spacers

Fair prices with subsidy


The BENGglas portfolio consists of four types of vacuum glass: BENGglas Extra Clear, BENGglas MAX 0.5, BENGglas MAX 0.40 and BENGglas Solar Control. Each type has specific technical properties and appearance. This means that almost every project can be provided with a suitable vacuum glass solution.


BENGglas is a perfect product for the renovation market. Unlike traditional insulating glass, vacuum glass is extremely thin (8.3 mm). This means that BENGglas can be used in existing window frames and saves a lot on replacing window frames.

This also represents a major step in making existing homes more sustainable. Traditional insulating glass (U=2.80) or single glass (U=5.80) have a low insulation value. BENGglas , with a U-value from 0.40, will significantly improve the insulation value of existing homes!

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BENGglas renovation


BENGglas is ideally suited to design buildings according to the mandatory BENG (Nearly Energy Neutral Buildings) standard. The very low U-value (from U=0.40) ensures extremely good insulation.

Nowadays, noise reduction is increasingly part of modern living and working. This wish can be realized immediately by using BENGglas (dB>=36). When laminated, a noise reduction of as much as -39 dB can be achieved. These values ​​therefore meet all contemporary standards of sustainability and comfort.

BENGglas focuses on both non-residential and residential construction.

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Application_New construction


Good insulation values, thin, low weight, sound-reducing and tempered are all good properties for various industries.

Industries in which BENGglas is widely used include the automotive industry, equipment construction (refrigerated display cases, wine refrigerators, refrigerators), machine construction, greenhouse construction, window frame construction and modular construction.

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BENGglas has an extensive dealer network in the Benelux with experienced professionals who specialize in vacuum glass installations. These experts have product samples at their disposal, perform glass measurements, and take care of both installation and finishing. This way you are always assured of a complete solution and you will quickly receive a personalized, tailor-made quote!

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